Going away this weekend?


Going away this weekend?

Louis Vuitton is iconic for luggage.

His flat bottomed trunks with trianon canvas were lightweight and airtight and could be stacked.

The example below shows a 1930s Louis Vuitton full size Wardrobe trunk The exterior covered with the LV monogram stencil on canvas.  This example had many travelling stickers like the “Calais – Méditerranée express” for those who desire a trip through time and some of the most famous hotel stickers of the Art Deco Period (Montreux Palace in Switzerland – Hôtel Continental in Paris – Hôtel Negresco in Nice). The interior numbered and lined in yellow Vuittonite and containing on one side six fitted drawers and on the other side a wardrobe with 10 hangers and a shoe case.


This is luxury at its best! Who would have owned such an item!

It sold at auction in 2016 with some damage for £6,500 plus Buyers premium.


What do you use yours for? Many people use them as coffee tables!

This example sold at auction for £4,200 plus buyers premium.

They are hotly contested.

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